Our Specialities

Marketing & Communication solutions
for Japan related businesses

Whether you want to compete in the Japanese market or want to sell your products and services in the US or elsewhere, we can design the most effective marketing communication strategy for your businesses. We have over 20 years of consumer marketing experience in Japan and in the US. We leverage our hands on expertise in order to meet and exceeding our clients’ expectations. We are confident in our ability to identifying changing consumers’ needs and wants and use that insight to enhance your business. We take the time to thoroughly investigate the competitive landscape that you want to compete in, and develop effective strategies to meet your business goals.


Ijiriya USA offers the following services:

Market Research and Consulting services
・Comprehensive industry specific market research
・Target market trend research
・Target consumers behavior research
・Focus groups and surveys for the target market
・New product development
・Strategic brand development
Marketing strategy development
We will carefully analyze market data and strategically position your products and services.
・New Market entry strategy development
・Re-branding & market re-entry strategy development
Communication strategy development
・Media specific advertising campaign concept building, planning and execution
Digital and Social Media Marketing strategy development
・Support and operate everyday SNS services and create e-communication tools.
・Website development
・English⇔Japanese localization of your websites.
・Creative writing of essays, columns, blogs to promote your businesses
・Copywriting for advertising campaigns
・English ⇔ Japanese translation for marketing collateral

Helping consumers love your products and services.
That’s our passion and what we do best!

Contuct us and we will work together for your success!